Bergdorf Goodman Mobile: UX / UI / IA 

I co-designed this app for Bergdorf Goodman to achieve several things:

• To provide the user with first dibs on exclusive shoe releases from the famous Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Boutique
• Provide enough information so user would purchase item directly from phone
• Create a sense of urgency so the user would purchase within 24 hour window
• Drive Sales for the Bergdorf Goodman Brand via mobile commerce
• Allow the user to save account preferences via smart phone
• Allow the user to be able to share the featured shoe via email
• Allow for up to 5 Slides / Thumbnails to highlight shoe through photography
• Ability for Slides / Thumbnails to have a dual purpose and be used as advertisement for BG website promotions and specials. (This is independent of Ad Mob or iAD platforms)
• Gain publicity for the Bergdorf Goodman brand and promote brand awareness to a more tech saavy customer. (This app was launched during NY fashion week)