Citi App UX / UI / IA / Interaction / Design Thinking

I designed the User Experience Architecture for Citi’s mobile payment platform and applications across platforms and region. I employed design thinking, created user process flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
Focus: B2C, B2B, creating a best in class financial products that are simple to use and elegant in design. This product will be used to position Citi as a leader in micropayment and mobile commerce worldwide.

Since joining Citi I have played a pivotal role in defining and designing the following solutions:
Citi Pay North America Region Android ( US & Canada )
Citi Pay North America Region iOS ( US & Canada )
Citi Pay Banamex Region iOS ( Mexico & Latin America )
Citi Pay Banamex Region Android ( Mexico & Latin America ) City MasterPass APAC Region ( Asia Pacific )
City MasterPass North America Region ( US & Canada )
City MasterPass Banamex ( Mexico & Latin America )

I created UX / UI / IA / UX Design for the following:

• App Architecture
• App Navigation
• Account Controls
• Account / Permission Management
• MasterPass & Visa Checkout
• Paypal & Zelle P2P
• Near Field Communication
• Card Virtualization for Online Purchases Tokenization
• Multi-Factor Authorization
• One Time Password
• Device Level Authentication
• Touch ID
• Geolocated Offers
• 3D Touch