Horchow Web: UX / UI / IA / Interaction 

I redesigned the entire UX of the Horchow website with a focus on driving sales and bringing the vision of the Creative Director to life. The Creative Director had a very specific visual aesthetic he wanted to implement for the Horchow Brand. I took his creative vision and translated that into a meaningful User Experience. I took the Creative Vision he expressed in his print comps and used that as a baseline to create an effective modern e-commerce site. This approach proved to be very successful, increasing conversions and customer satisfaction. I created wireframes, screen flows, low/high res comps, prototypes and site maps.

I have designed UX / UI / IA for the following:

• Site Navigation
• Filtering and Sorting Navigation
• Home Page
• Silo Pages
• Category Pages
• Designer Boutique Pages
• Thumbnail Pages
• Product Pages
• Shopping Cart Pages
• Drop Down Shopping Cart
• Account Pages
• Wish List Pages
• Landing Pages for Marketing Campaigns
• Landing Pages for Video/Flash/Jquery
• Email Templates
• Online Ads (Animated and Static)