Nike Headquarters IOT App UX / UI / IA / Interaction / Design Thinking

I created the UX for the Nike IOT Management App Concept. I gathered requirements, employed design thinking, created process flows, and created a prototype for the concept. I designed an experience that incorporated Account/Permission Controls, Remote Control of; Lighting Brightness, Lighting Color, Room Temperature, Automated Window Shade, Smart Glass, Room Scheduling, Meeting Invitation, Scene Favoriting, User Profiles, Notifications and Card UI.

I created UX / UI / IA / Product Design for the following:

• App Concept Strategy
• App Navigation
• Account Controls
• Account / Permission Management
• IOT Controls of Lighting brightness and color
• IOT Controls Room Temperature
• IOT Controls of Window Shade & Opacity
• Scene Favoriting
• Conference Room Booking
• Meeting Scheduling
• User Profile
• Card UI
• Notifications
• In-App Messaging
• Geolocation