USDM: UX / UI / IA / Interaction / Product Design / Product Management

I worked on many projects and products for USDM during my tenure 2013 – 2016. From a UX perspective I gathered requirements, created personas, process flows, wireframes,low/high res comps, prototypes, information architecture, and site maps. I was instrumental in gaining stakeholder consensus, managing projects, 3rd party development resources, budgets and the design/deployment of new USDM products and services. My role with USDM was strategic and pivotal one as they moved from a traditional Agency Model to an SME Consultancy business model. I worked on projects for Major Destination Cities such as Atlanta, Colorado Springs to Brands such as Nike and Aston Martin.

I designed UX / UI / IA / Product Design for the following:

• Award Winning Site / Brand Strategy
• Site Navigation
• Filtering and Sorting Navigation
• Entire Site Templates Desktop & Responsive
• Landing Pages for Marketing Campaigns
• Partner Pages
• Editorial & Blog Pages
• Account Pages
• Maps Integration
• Database Integration
• Big Data Analytics Consulting Product
• Brand Assessment Product
• Social Media Platform As A Service
• Social Media Community Management As A Service
• Google Analytics Setup and Management As A Service